Who We Are

Sun Tixx is a world-class provider of private and commercial e-ticketing and registration services. Our origins can be dated as far back as November 2011, when our first operation began in Colombia, South America. Our founding team developed and launched an e-ticketing platfom in April 2012, in partnership with Tutaquilla SAS for the brand “Taquilla Facil.”

In November 2013, we officially registered and launched the brand in the Caribbean. We operate and own a 100% Proprietary Technology, tailored to the needs of underserved markets.

+ This convenience fee does not include international and cross-currency wire transfer fees.

Our current territories where we maintain offices within the Caribbean and its diaspora include Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, Canada, and the United States.

What We Do

Our experience in managing events for over a decade enables us to execute the highest level of service which can be felt from the start of your event campaign right up to entering your venue – adding value to your customer’s experience.

When you choose Sun Tixx, we aim to give you all the benefits that come with working with the brand, such as:
● A Dedicated Account Executive: An open communication channel to a warm team member with avid event ticketing experience who can give friendly advice if desired.
● Integrated Ticketing: Your patrons can purchase tickets for your events either via websites or mobile platforms which connect to our cloud platform or through our retail outlet network in markets where that service is available.
● Real-Time Sales Reports: Sun Tixx offers you real time sales reporting on all online sales. Either with each purchase or at the end of the day, you will be able to view your online sales.
● Scanning and Access Control: To validate all of our e-ticket and traditionally printed ticket sales, we will provide scanning and access control equipment and services at your entrances for the events.

Our ticket security meets global industry standards. In addition to e-tickets, we also produce physical tickets which can include the following options in either of our popular ticket sizes i.e. 2″ x 4″ and 2″ x 5:”
● Randomized alpha-numeric barcodes,
● Sequential numbering,
● UV Watermarks (black light),
● Laminated, Security Foil, or Holograms,
● And Perforation.

How We Charge

The Sun Tixx electronic platform is not only cost-effective but is in actuality a tool that reduces the guesswork and allows you to discover data metrics such as the gender, age and country of origin of your patrons.

The data from instantaneous and post-event reports can support your marketing department as promotions can be generated to target segments of the audience to help increase sales and awareness throughout the various demographics (e.g. women’s promotions, nationality promotions, etc). This can also allow you to improve how you deliver services and allocate your resources.

The use of Sun Tixx technology will prove its value, by allowing you to make more informed planning decisions through incorporating knowledge of patron attendance habits.


Online Tickets:

For our online ticketing services, we charge a standard convenience fee of 7% which includes all merchant and banking fees+.


Pre-Printed Tickets:

Our pre-printed, physical ticket prices vary across each territory, based on quantity, security features, and shipping cost where applicable. Please get in touch with us directly for a quotation.

+ This convenience fee does not include international and cross-currency wire transfer fees.